Stéphane Fritsch / Lights

Passionate since his childhood by the world of the show and after a training of Light Manager at the CFPTS in 1995, Stéphane began his career as lighting technician and then console operator on many shows and tours such as Romeo and Juliet (musical), Michel LEEB (one man show), events at Disneyland Paris, David Gilmour (concert), Le Roi soleil, fashion shows, events. ..

In 2010, after years of light management, he decided to further assert his artistic sensibility by focusing on light design. He has collaborated since on various lighting designs like Train fantôme by Eric Metayer, with TF1 for the tour of Priests, with Ki M’aime Me Suive for Le fils du comique and Le père Noël est une ordure, the Michel Legrand tour, Jules Vernes the musical in Mogador, Sheila on tour, shooting TV shows.

His global vision of the show allows him to bring the emotion necessary to create a lighting of the most effective.