Etienne Beaussart / Video system designer

Etienne, an engineer of audio-video systems, specialist of large format video projections and multimedia servers, began his career as Training Manager at a research center where he worked on show projects for: Jean Michel Jarre, Mylène Farmer, Johnny Halliday and for professional fairs for Renault, Citroën, Pfizer, Natixis, SNCF. He then worked as a Technical director, Research and Development Manager and Manager of Large Surface Projection Projects for Opel, FranceTV, Lotus, Fêtes des lumières, Nuits blanches.

Since 2007 he participated in many events and live shows:

– Airbus Fairs (Mapping A380)

– Constantine (Algeria) Capital of the Arabic Culture 2015 (Watchout)

– The opening and closing ceremonies of the football championship in Yaoundé (Cameroun) 2016 (ModuloPi)

– Sokol Entertainment’s Magic Romance show in China in 2017 (Coolux Pandora’s Box).

and video mapping shows on many buildings:

– Sharjah Light Festival Dubaï (2018) (Dataton Watchout)

– Notre Dame de Paris Centennial commemorations 14-18 (ModuloPi)

– Chateau Comtal de Carcassonne 2018 (ModuloPi Players)

– Medina de Sfax 80m Tunisie 2016 (ModuloPi Players)

– Grand Palais Paris Artfair 2016 (Coolux Pandora’s Box)

– Fête des lumières Lyon 2012-2017 (Coolux Pandora’s Box and Dataton Watchout)

– Fête des lumières Montpellier – Arc de triomphe 2015 (Resolume Arena)