Chris Mouron / Libretto Adaptation and Associate Direction

Mouron began writing songs at the age of 12 and began her career with Michel Fugain and Le Big Bazar when she was only 17 years old. Her solo career began in the 1980s with her first 33 RPM that was awarded the Charles Cros Academy Grand Prize. She has since recorded seven albums. She has been touring the world for 20 years, primarily in Asia.

In addition to her piano concerts, Mouron has also created and directed contemporary musical and acrobatic shows with Anne Tournié:  Doubles d’Ames in France, Les chansons du Paradis in Germany, Mélodies d’Exil (Avignon Festival), and Le Cabaret des Années Folles in Hong Kong.

In 2016, she worked with Anne Tournié on the first Bollywood stunt show Dabangg in Dubai Park.

In 2017, she again worked with Anne Tournié on the staging and choreography of the show Magic Romance for Sokol Entertainment.